Optimum stability, safety and durability

Long beam system and KLEM for the pipe rail system

A tube rail system with a long beam system ensures optimum stability, safety and durability. A long beam system is made of long rolled profiles over the full width of the hood. Metazet FormFlex realizes a tube rail system with a guarantee for optimal stability through this long beam system and the pipe rail support. This tube rail support, developed by Metazet FormFlex, is the worldwide standard: the KLEM support.

The tube rail system with the KLEM model supports are placed between the long beams of the pipe rail system to achieve the desired result. Our long beams are available with supports for all common cultivation gutters.

Want to know more about our Tube Rail System?

Would you like to know more about the tube rail system from Metazet FormFlex? Or do you want to purchase a tube rail system directly? Our specialists are happy to help you with a custom made solution. Leave your contact details and we will contact you soon.

Tube Rail System Support

Tube rails always remain in a straight line. The tube is not fixed, that means that stretch and shrinkage are not hindered by heating. The heating tube also receives optimal support due to its deep location. In addition, there is even transport across the pipe.

All these elements contribute to the safety and longevity of the tube rail system and means of transport in your company.

Custom pipe rail system

Metazet FormFlex is specialized in tube rail systems. Our experts make pipe rail supports for greenhouse pipes with a diameter of 33, 38, 42, 45, 48, 51, 57 and 60 mm. You can specify the center-to-center distances, the base plate length and the height of the pipe rail sleeves. Our task is to create a suitable tube rail system for your cultivation.

It is also possible to opt for closed tubes. But versions with straps, self-tapping screws or welded are also available. For long beams, you can choose from several profiles, which are profiled in our factory.