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Systems and products for vegetable nurseries and vegetable cultivation

Vegetable nurseries are by far the largest greenhouse horticulture companies. The average greenhouse vegetable grower in the Netherlands now easily covers an area of 5 hectares. Vegetable nurseries of dozens of hectares have long ceased to be an exception all over the world. The expansion of a vegetable nursery or the construction of a new one will quickly become a major project.

At Metazet FormFlex we know exactly how to put this into practice. Not only for the greenhouse setup for the cultivation, but also the entire internal logistics system! From the rolling of cultivation gutter systems on location to a fully automated chain conveyor system for moving harvest carts, we are your total partner from design to realisation!

Even the largest horticultural projects are no problem for us. The production of the required materials and systems is carried out entirely under our own management. For this purpose, Metazet FormFlex has enormous production areas with all the necessary processing machines. This is how we can guarantee timely delivery, anywhere in the world, of everything needed to make your project a resounding success!

Greenhouse equipment for vegetables:


Efficiency is a crucial factor in the world of greenhouse construction and equipment. The entire process has to be carefully examined down to the last detail to reduce construction time and streamline logistics. Metazet’s answer is MetaFIT: an innovative solution for connecting heating pipes in greenhouses. MetaFIT relies on conicity to create a strong, watertight and weld-free connection.

Second Skin

Metazet Formflex proudly presents Second Skin, an innovative solution which offers growers a valuable upgrade to their cultivation systems. Second Skin increases productivity and maximises greenhouse hygiene.

Gutter system

Metazet FormFlex supplies a complete range of gutters for every crop. In close consultation we can supply the right gutter for your growing conditions.

Tube rail system

For stability and safety, Metazet supplies FormFlex tube rail supports in combination with long layers for a perfectly aligned tube rail system.

Crop support

To support and protect the crop, Metazet FormFlex offers a full range of crop support materials.

Hoisting systems

Metazet FormFlex supplies hoisting systems for traditional growing tubes, but also for the lifting of lamps, tube rail systems, gutters and crop wires.

Wire products

Metazet FormFlex supplies a complete and extensive range of wire products for various applications.

Spraying machines

Metazet FormFlex, together with the specialist company Micothon, has developed an extensive range of spraying machines.

Cultivation tables

Metazet FormFlex, in cooperation with VK-Pro, supplies various cultivation tables for an efficient layout of your nursery.

Logistical solutions for vegetable cultivation:

Trike series

The trike series is a series of electric three-wheelers. There is a trike for you in the strength category you require whether you want to transport many or few trolleys or weights.

Lift systems

Metazet FormFlex makes a wide range of lift systems. We have an optimum lift system for each application.

M-Track system

The M-Track system of Metazet FormFlex is an internal transport system based on an induction-driven truck.


The compact H Series is easy to operate and can be used for a full working day without recharging.

Harvesting trolleys

Our harvesting trolleys can be made to measure and according to your wishes, so that they can function flawlessly in your company.

Chain Track system

The Chain Track system is a fully automated system for transporting full and empty harvesting trolleys to the locations determined by you.

Self-driving platform

This self-driving platform is able to navigate its way autonomously through greenhouse crops.

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