Second Skin: Efficient hygienic upgrade for cultivation systems

Second Skin: Efficient hygienic upgrade for cultivation systems

Metazet Formflex proudly presents its latest innovation; 'Second Skin'. This new technology offers growers an advanced upgrade for their cultivation systems that boosts productivity and safeguards hygiene in the greenhouse.


As every grower knows, productivity and hygiene are essential in this sector. Every time a crop changes, growers try to create a clean greenhouse environment to make it as difficult as possible for algae, fungi and viruses to establish themselves. This has led to ever more rigorous cleaning protocols in recent years, which in turn increases labour and costs for nurseries.


Metazet Formflex is aware how important it is to have a cultivation system that supports hygienic working procedures. The annual covering and removal of foil over cultivation gutters is a labour-intensive process that also generates considerable waste, so Metazet Formflex has developed an alternative; the Second Skin. This specially developed, patented plastic top layer completely encloses and shields the cultivation gutter. Folds cannot form in the hard, preformed top layer, so good drainage is always guaranteed.


The finish of Second Skin is extra smooth, so algae and fertilisers have no chance of sticking to it at all. The UV resistance of the impact-resistant material used is in the highest class, so Second Skin will last for many years. It can be also cleaned with high-pressure cleaners and common cleaning agents, so it’s easy to keep Second Skin hygienic.


Some of the many advantages of Second Skin:

  • Upgrades existing cultivation gutters to give many more years of service
  • Resistant to common cleaning agents and high-pressure cleaners
  • Efficiently produced on site in the shortest possible time with our mobile profiling machine
  • Custom-made with seamless connection for any cultivation system
  • Smooth finish, giving algae and fertiliser little chance
  • UV-resistant and impact-resistant material
  • Food safe
  • 100% recyclable

 More information about Second Skin can be found here.