New controls for Hanging Basket System

Growers benefit from advancements and system customizations

Many improvements have taken place over the last 15 years where the in-floor chain track system formed the basis of the original hanging basket approach. Now Metazet FormFlex has transformed it into a multi-deployable transport system that growers can customize and install themselves.

“Our systems are extremely flexible, allowing growers the ability to maximize capacity of their entire production space (ceiling to ground level) within their new and existing greenhouses”, explains Dennis van Gaalen with Metazet FormFlex North America. “Our customers really value our hanging suspension and auxiliary gable structure options. It provides them the ability to have the track lowered when rotating, allowing all the work on the second cultivation layer be done, in one place. This supports increased safety for staff and crops while delivering a considerable reduction in labour.”


New controls

With more that 1,000 hanging basket systems installed worldwide, the team at Metazet FormFlex have learned a lot and gathered some valuable feedback from our customers. Our latest development is the evolution of the hanging basket’s operating system with a focused eye for ‘clear displays’ and ‘simple operation’. Other enhanced features include:

  • Renewed watering schedules
  • Enhanced speed & oil settings
  • Expanded options providing: 'two cultivation layers', 'water by weight' and 'section division by means of RFID' – ideal for when multiple plant variations hang in one lane

Cultivate 2020 – Join us Virtually

We are here to help! Metazet FormFlex has a virtual booth at Cultivate’20 taking place Monday, July 13 to Thursday, July 16. We are always available to discuss how to:

  • Get more control over the growing conditions/season
  • Take control of the rapid spread of fungi and diseases
  • Save on water and fertilization
  • Improve the quality of cultivation
  • Produce higher yields
  • Maximize your growing space