Autonomously drive in and out of paths 

New: self-driving platform

During GreenTech, Metazet FormFlex will present its latest innovation; a self-driving platform. As it was specifically developed for robotic applications in greenhouse horticulture, it is able to navigate its way autonomously through greenhouse crops.

To meet the growing world population's need for enough food, and to reduce dependence on resources such as skilled labour, water and energy, robotisation is becoming increasingly popular in greenhouse horticulture. There are a range of solutions available, from fixed robots at a certain location, such as those carrying out tasks involving cuttings, grafting and packaging, to field robots that move autonomously among crops to do their work. The latter have to be able to navigate independently in a greenhouse, and drive in and out of paths autonomously.

Metazet FormFlex has acquired many years of experience with internal transport and self-driving greenhouse vehicles. The company has now used this expertise to develop a platform that can support various robotic devices that perform a range of tasks in crops, such as UV-C crop protection, scouting, and harvesting. “We designed the platform to be compatible with various crops and robotic devices. We’re working with our partners on developing robots that can be used in greenhouse horticulture; our partners are providing the technology that controls the tasks carried out in the crop, and we’re providing the platform that navigates and determines the location in the greenhouse," says Dolf van der Hoeven, technical director at Metazet FormFlex.

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The recently developed self-driving platform will be on display during the GreenTech fair in Amsterdam. at the company’s stand 05.240 in Hall 5. Specialists will also be present at the company’s stand (05.240 in Hall 5) to explain the various applications for the platform. During the fair, Organifarms will also be demonstrating how this self-driving platform was first put into service for its 'Berry' harvesting robot. This robot, which has been nominated for the 'GreenTech Concept Award', can be used in strawberry cultivation. It drives autonomously through the greenhouse, determines which fruits are ready to harvest, then picks them. The first series of the harvesting robot will start working in greenhouses at the end of this year.

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