1000th Hanging Basket System

From Tuesday 28 January to Friday 31 January it's once again time for one of the year's most important horticultural trade fairs: the IPM in Essen. All the big names in the industry with a passion for flowers, plants and the combination with technology will be present at this 37th edition. That includes the representatives of Metazet FormFlex from Wateringen. They expect to sell their 1000th hanging basket system during this trade fair and will be marking this milestone with a nice surprise.

From experimenting with a horizontal chain conveyor to a user-installable system

Since the first hanging basket system was developed 15 years ago based on the floor chain conveyor system, Metazet FormFlex's hanging basket system has evolved into a multi-purpose transport system that can now be installed by the grower using standard components. This makes it a highly flexible system that can take on many forms and which is suitable for virtually all new and existing greenhouses. The track can also rotate bags so that all the work on the second cultivation layer can be carried out in a single place. In short, as well as making maximum use of the available space, the development of the hanging basket system has also resulted in considerable labour savings.

Available directly from stock

The evolution of the hanging basket system into a conveyor system with standard components has also ensured that orders no longer need to be handled as customer-specific. With the current composition of elements, the grower can create the required conveyor track in any situation. As a result, stocks of the various elements can be kept up to date, which means that the hanging basket system is now available directly from stock.


Trike-400 for 1000th system

With the sale of the 1000th hanging basket system in sight, Metazet FormFlex would like to thank all customers of the system for their confidence over the past 15 years. To celebrate this milestone, the customer of the 1000th system will also have something extra to look forward to: a Trike-400. This lightweight, manoeuvrable electric tractor makes it possible to optimise even more operational processes.


Hall 3 booth A36

Would you like to know more about the hanging basket system or have a go at winning the Trike-400? You will find the Metazet FormFlex stand at IPM in Hall 3, stand A36.