M-Track system

The M-Track system of Metazet FormFlex is an internal transport system based on an induction-driven truck. Harvesting trolleys are coupled to the truck, so that they can be transported within the company. The sensor follows the predetermined route by means of an induction wire. This route can be set with virtually no limitations, and it can be entered optionally by means of a touchscreen on the control panel.



Our modern design technology enables us to create a M-Track simulation in a drawing of your greenhouse or processing area. Any desired or present processing line can be included. This enables us to create the perfect layout for your business together with you.

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Technology and safety

The M-Track is a strong, powerful truck with robust, solid tires. It can be operated either automatically or manually. Its speed has been limited for safety reasons. The safety bumper in combination with the laser scanners ensure that it stops as soon as there is an obstacle in front of the trolley.



Since there are almost no limits on possible routings, the M-Track system is very suitable for combining with other logistic systems. Examples of these include unloading units and tipping units. Buffer controls and the control of automatic doors also belong to the possibilities. Metazet FormFlex offers for any crop and any system a suitable harvesting trolley.

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