Efficiency at height

Lift systems

Metazet FormFlex makes lift systems, making crop work at heights very easy. We have an optimum lift system for each application.


The M-Service is a unique scissor lift that can travel not only over the tube rails, but also over the concrete path or paths. You can drive straight onto the tube rails from the concrete path. This makes the M-Service an ideal time-saving lift device for scouting plants and maintenance work on the greenhouse or crop, for example.


The JBL is a simple lift system that can be adjusted in height in no time. This electric lift system consists of a smart construction, which ensures optimal stability. The trolley moves simply over the pipe rail system and can be easily adjusted in height. As it is often not necessary to go up and down automatically while taking care of the crop, it is not essential to opt for the more advanced hydraulic lift system.

Learn more about these models

m service paprika
Hoogwerker groenten
M Service
Bediening schaarlift
JBL tomaat
Schaarlift groenten

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