Chain Track system

The Chain Track system is an internal transport system which is ideally suited for glasshouse horticulture. It is a fully automated system for transporting full and empty harvesting trolleys to the locations determined by you. This primarily mechanical system, which is very user-friendly and lowmaintenance, produces immediate, considerable savings in labour costs. The Chain Track also eliminates a large part of your physical efforts and those of your employees. The Chain Track system is designed, installed and commissioned in-house by Metazet FormFlex. Chain Tracks can be installed in existing greenhouses as well as in new ones.

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Our modern design technology enables us to create a chain track simulation in a drawing of your greenhouse or processing area. Any desired or present processing line can be included. This enables us to create the perfect layout for your business together with you.


Routing and options

The Chain Track system can be fitted with turn wheels, which means that it can also be installed in greenhouses with a T junction or in nurseries with several greenhouses and a processing area in the centre. The Chain Track can of course be integrated seamlessly into your current processing unit. We can also fit the trolleys with a trolley recognition system. A wide range of applications are possible, which we will be pleased to discuss with you.

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