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Logistical solutions for the horticultural sector: more convenience and greater efficiency

Optimising internal logistics not only provides a great deal of convenience, it also makes it possible to make processes at the nursery run more efficiently and under better working conditions. Together with our partner, M-Products, we produce electric vehicles that make heavy loads lighter, distances more relatable and operations more efficient. 

The implementation of an automated transport system, such as the chain conveyor, makes it immediately possible to reschedule an employee's time. Not only does this reduce the workload for the employee, but it also understandably has a favourable effect on labour costs.

Metazet FormFlex devises smart solutions to ensure that internal transport in the horticultural sector runs as efficiently as possible and is minimally labour-intensive. Some logistic solutions can be applied directly in every nursery, but sometimes a specific problem requires a unique approach. With all the expertise in-house, this is no problem for us and we're happy to take on this challenge together with you! We have already successfully designed various horticultural projects in this way all over the world.

You will find below an overview with examples of logistics products and systems that we use for this purpose:

Trike series

The trike series is a series of electric three-wheelers. There is a trike for you in the strength category you require whether you want to transport many or few trolleys or weights.

Lift systems

Metazet FormFlex makes a wide range of lift systems. We have an optimum lift system for each application.

M-Track system

The M-Track system of Metazet FormFlex is an internal transport system based on an induction-driven truck.


The compact H Series is easy to operate and can be used for a full working day without recharging.

Harvesting trolleys

Our harvesting trolleys can be made to measure and according to your wishes, so that they can function flawlessly in your company.

Chain Track system

The Chain Track system is a fully automated system for transporting full and empty harvesting trolleys to the locations determined by you.

Self-driving platform

This self-driving platform is able to navigate its way autonomously through greenhouse crops.

The advantages of our logistics products and systems:

  • Easier and faster harvesting
  • Ergonomic and safe working conditions
  • Reduced workload and working pressure
  • Lower labour costs (fewer workers for the same job)
  • Smart solutions for every problem
  • Everything in-house, so can be fully adapted to your wishes
  • Global delivery and service

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