A comprehensive and extensive range of wire products

Wire products

Metazet FormFlex offers you a comprehensive and extensive range of suspension and support materials. These include, for instance, gutter brackets, fitting materials, stretching pieces, drip hose hooks and gableconstruction materials. After you have been given expert advice by our experienced sales staff, we will manufacture the products you require. Whether you choose supported or suspended gutters, all the support and suspension materials we offer are designed in our own factory on the basis of the required strength, after which they are manufactured. This means we can supply any models and dimensions you need.


Crop support

Metazet FormFlex produces a range of specialist cultivation products. These include, for instance, turning brackets, (head) stem brackets and wire lowering hooks.These support materials will increase production, as less damage to the produce occurs, while it also considerably improves the picking performance, as it is much easier to reach the fruit.

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