Tube Rail system for optimum stability, safety and durability

Tube rail system

For optimum stability, safety and durability of your tube rail system, Metazet FormFlex offers the bay wide support system; long rolled profiles over the full width of the bay. In order to achieve a perfectly aligned tube rail system with a guarantee of optimum stability, Metazet FormFlex has developed a tube rail support that nowadays even counts as a standard all over the world: the KLEM Support. The KLEM model tube rail supports are placed between the bay wide supports of the tube rail system in order to achieve the desired result. Our bay wide supports are available with supports for all common cultivation gutters.


Tube rail supports

Because the heating tube is fitted deeply in the bracket, it is given optimum lateral support. It is not fixed with a tube rail strip, which means that expansion and shrinking due to heating of the tube is not curtailed. As a result, the tube rail lies in a straight line, which increases the safety of the tube rail system at your company. Another advantage of not using tube rail strips is the even transport along the tube. This will improve the life span of your transport system.

Tube Rail system 1
Tube Rail system 3
Tube Rail system 2

Custom-made systems

We manufacture tube rail supports for greenhouse tubes with a diameter of 33, 38, 42, 45, 48, 51, 57 and 60 mm. You can decide which centre-to-centre distances, bottom profile length and tube height you require. If you prefer, you can also choose fully closed tubes. In addition, we can supply versions with strips, parker fittings or welding. For the bay wide supports, you can choose from different profiles, which are rollformed in our factory.

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