Upgrade your cultivation system with Second Skin: Efficient, hygienic, and sustainable

Second Skin

Productivity and hygiene are crucial for a successful cultivation system. Growers strive to keep their greenhouses as clean as possible, so that algae, fungi and viruses have little chance of establishing themselves. To improve hygiene, Metazet Formflex developed Second Skin; a specially designed, patented plastic top layer that completely encloses and shields cultivation gutters.


It means the annual chore of applying and subsequently removing foil form cultivation gutters is no longer necessary, so less waste and time. Folds cannot form in the hard, preformed top layer of Second Skin, so drainage is always guaranteed.


Second Skin's smooth finish makes it difficult for algae and fertiliser to adhere, which keeps the growing environment clean and free of unwanted contaminants. The UV resistance of the impact-resistant material used is in the highest class, so Second Skin will last for many years. It’s also easy to clean with high-pressure cleaners and common cleaning agents, so maintenance is simple.


The benefits of Second Skin are obvious. It’s produced efficiently and quickly on location by our mobile profiling machine. Existing cultivation gutters can be upgraded easily, and will last for years to come. The material is resistant to common cleaning agents and high-pressure cleaners, so it’s easy to clean properly. The custom-made dimensions ensure a seamless connection to any system.


Incorporate Second Skin in your cultivation system, and give your work a sustainable boost. Besides being UV-resistant and impact-resistant, the material is also food safe and 100% recyclable. Improve your productivity, increase hygiene and help us build a sustainable future with Second Skin from Metazet Formflex. Contact us without delay, and find out how Second Skin can transform your growing system.


The benefits of Second Skin:


  • Upgrades existing cultivation gutters to give many more years of service
  • Resistant to common cleaning agents and high-pressure cleaners
  • Efficiently produced on site in the shortest possible time with our mobile profiling machine
  • Custom-made with seamless connection for any cultivation system
  • Smooth finish, giving algae and fertiliser little chance
  • UV-resistant and impact-resistant material
  • Food safe
  • 100% recyclable


Second Skin
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