The smart solution for efficient greenhouse heating pipe connections

MetaFIT: Weld-free heating pipe connections

Efficiency is a crucial factor in the world of greenhouse construction and equipment. The entire process has to be carefully examined down to the last detail to reduce construction time and streamline logistics. Metazet’s answer is MetaFIT: an innovative solution for connecting heating pipes in greenhouses. MetaFIT relies on conicity to create a strong, watertight and weld-free connection.

Welding heating pipes is traditionally a labour-intensive process that requires specialist skills. In addition, pipes have to be welded early in the construction process, which places limits on logistics and other installation tasks. MetaFIT’s solution is faster and less specialized, so it can significantly shorten the schedule of a greenhouse construction project.

One of the big advantages of MetaFIT is that welding is no longer required at an early stage in the construction process. As a result, pipe installation can be left to the final stage, which offers logistical advantages. MetaFIT also improves safety on a construction site by eliminating the fire hazards associated with welding.

Extensive load tests have shown that MetaFIT is just as effective as a weld. In practice, the system is completely watertight, even when subjected to the same load for more than 25 years. Greenhouse builders can therfore trust the reliability and durability of a MetaFIT connection, even in extreme conditions.

MetaFIT was originally developed for 51-mm pipes, but is now also available for 63.5-mm pipes. Since the system can also be adapted for both larger and smaller pipe diameters, it’s a flexible solution for a broad range of greenhouse projects.

MetaFIT is supplied with a range of end pieces and fittings, so it’s easy to integrate into existing heating systems.

Another advantage of MetaFIT is that pipe ends can be prepared on site. Pipes can therefore be sourced and installed all over the world, removing another logistical challenge. Preparation, including the application of a solid coating, can be carried out by Metazet FormFlex's partner, the R. van der Horst Coating Company. This delivers further efficiency and cost savings.

A team of qualified Metazet experts can be arranged to ensure that MetaFITs are installed without any problems. Our experts will get your greenhouse heating system up and running quickly.

MetaFIT is pushing the boundaries of conventional greenhouse heating pipe connections. Thanks to this innovation by Metazet, greenhouse design has taken a step forward, and greenhouse builders and growers benefit from a more efficient and sustainable method.

The advantages of MetaFIT:            

  • Weld-free connection
  • As strong and watertight as a welded joint
  • Considerably faster construction, due to logistical advantages and faster connection principle
  • Facilitates the installation of new or additional growth pipes or low-quality heat pipes in existing greenhouse complexes
  • Preparation can be carried out on location worldwide
  • Can be sprayed completely, no coating repairs required
  • Less physical workand specialist skills required, easy to scale up
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