Hoisting systems for everything that needs hoisting in the greenhouse

Hoisting systems

Metazet FormFlex has also gained years of experience with hoisting systems. Metazet/FormFlex has precisely the right product for everything that needs hoisting in the greenhouse. Not only for the traditional growing tube hoisting systems but also for the hoisting of lamps, tube rail systems, bay wide supports, gutters and crop wires. Virtually any greenhouse, old or new, is suitable for fitting a hoist. Metazet/FormFlex provides detailed drawings for correct installation, which means that you can install the system yourself if required.


Hoisting system for cut flowers/ornamental plants

The Metazet FormFlex hoisting systems for cut flowers/ornamental plants combines two functions in one. The plants are optimally supported and the heating tubes ‘grow’ together with the plants. Hoisting systems are used mainly for the cultivation of chrysanthemums, freesias and lisianthus.

Hoisting system 2
Hoisting system 1
Hoisting system 3

Crop heating

To position the heating system for your crop at the right place and close to the plant or crop Metazet/FormFlex supplies the hoistable crop heating system. The height of the growth tube can be varied using a driven hoisting shaft, either separately or in an A or J hook, or mounted on a girder. This serves to ensure that the heating system ‘grows’ together with your crop so that you can make optimum use of the heating and stimulate the growth of your crop.

HDL and Swing system in strawberry cultivation

The HDL and swing system ensure efficient use of space in strawberry cultivation. The Metazet FormFlex swing system or Heavy Duty Lift System (HDL) increases the number of plants per m2 by up to 145% versus regular greenhouse cultivation. Both systems are suitable for installation in existing or new build plastic or glass greenhouses, as long as the greenhouse construction itself is strong enough of course.

HDL Systeem

Metazet FormFlex has developed the HDL (Heavy Duty Lift) system to move larger weights in height. This system is capable of lifting a weight of up to 15 kg per m2 of greenhouse area. This is equivalent to a weight of 150,000 kg per hectare. 



The system is highly suitable for lifting pipe rail systems, gutters and long beams for various crops, but also for lifting the cultivation wires in combination with the pipe rail system and gutter system. The HDL system is also ideally suited for better crop utilisation over the surface area. For example, growing in hoisting gutters, with a second cultivation layer underneath.

Hoisting system HDL 1
Hoisting system HDL 2
Hoisting system HDL 3
Hoisting system HDL 4

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