Hanging Basket System, for optimal use of space in the greenhouse

Hanging Basket System

Especially for hanging crops suspended above another crop as a second cultivation layer or hanging from the ceiling of the processing area, the Hanging Basket System of Metazet FormFlex is an excellent choice. The Hanging Basket system can be fitted in nearly any existing or new greenhouse. The Hanging Basket system can be custom-made to suit your specific needs and preferences. This includes, for instance, the distance between plants, the number of loops in a greenhouse section, the track length and the working height of the harvesting track. Metazet FormFlex will design the Hanging Basket System entirely based on your ideas and conditions.

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Hanging Basket System 2
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Benefits and possibilities

Depending on the number of turns, only a single motor unit is needed to control more than 300 meter track. The track can be built in many different ways, with both inside and outside turns. The wear-resistant, durable track guides enclosing the chain make this a very safe and reliable system. Because it is possible to lower the track when it is working, all the work on this second cultivation layer can be done in one place. This leads to increased safety for people and crop as well as a considerable reduction in labour. Nearly all pot sizes can be hung in the Hanging Basket system, so that plants can be in different stages of development. It is of course possible to suspend the plants at several heights in the track using extension hooks. Our extensive control unit is easy to install and makes it possible to water the plants automatically.

To save costs, this system has been designed in such a way that you can install it yourself.

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Hanging Basket System Screenshot 2
Hanging Basket System Screenshot 3

New controls

With more that 1,000 hanging basket systems installed worldwide, the team at Metazet FormFlex have learned a lot and gathered some valuable feedback from our customers. Our latest development is the transformation of the hanging basket’s operating system with a focused eye for ‘clear displays’ and ‘simple operation’. Other enhanced features include:

  • renewed watering schedules
  • enhanced speed & oil settings
  • expanded options providing: 'two cultivation layers', 'water by weight' and 'section division by means of RFID' – ideal for when multiple plant variations hang in one lane

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