A complete range of gutters for every crop

Customized cultivation gutter system

Metazet FormFlex is a forerunner when it comes to developing and implementing crop-specific gutter systems. Over the years we have developed various cultivation gutter models that are now even used as standard worldwide. Metazet FormFlex therefore supplies a complete range of gutters for every crop. In close consultation we can supply the right gutter for your growing conditions. Each gutter is available in various sizes so that we can fully tailor it to your needs.


Advantages of cultivation gutter systems:

  • Makes cultivation possible on infertile land
  • Saves water by reusing drain water
  • Reduces the use of manure and fertilizers by reusing drain water
  • The water cycle is the same for all plants
  • Optimum air circulation through the crop
  • Better control of plant growth
  • Less opportunities for diseases and pests to develop
  • Increased labour productivity
  • Improved working conditions by working at the correct height

These benefits ultimately result in increased productivity and better quality.

Cultivation Gutter system Strawberry 1
Cultivation Gutter system Tomato 1
Cultivation Gutter system Strawberry 2
Cultivation Gutter system Tomato 2
Cultivation Gutter system Strawberry 3

Profiling, also on location, anywhere in the world

Our modern, mobile profiling machines will finish your gutters and profiles on location and directly in the right place. An important advantage: the gutters can be produced in any required length. This means the number of connections can be limited to a minimum. We operate at sites all over the world with our mobile profiling machines!

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