Cultivation gutters for Horticulture

The use of a cultivation or a growing gutter for vegetable and fruit cultivation offers many advantages. That is why Metazet FormFlex supplies a complete range of cultivation gutters for every cultivation and greenhouse design.

Over the years, Metazet FormFlex has gained a lot of experience in the field of cultivation gutter systems. Thanks to our experience, we have developed various cultivation gutter models that are now a worldwide standard. We can supply the correct cultivation gutter for your cultivation and growing conditions. All cultivation gutters are available in various sizes, in this way we ensure that the cultivation gutters fit the needs of your cultivation.

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Advantages of cultivation gutters

  • Allows cultivation on sterile soil
  • Water savings by reusing drain water
  • Savings on fertilizers and nutrients by reusing drain water
  • The water balance is identical for every plant
  • The air circulation through the crop is optimal
  • Crop growth is better controlled
  • Pests and diseases are less likely due to optimal hygiene
  • Labor productivity increases
  • Improving working conditions by working at the right height
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The cultivation gutters can also be produced at any desired hight or length. This reduces the number of connections to a minimum. With our mobile profiling machines we are active on location, worldwide!

The cultivation gutters of Metazet FormFlex are adapted to your crop. Below we have placed two examples of cultivation gutters for strawberries and tomatoes.

Aardbei teeltgoot1

Strawberries in a Cultivation Gutter

The cultivation gutters of Metazet FormFlex offer ideal conditions for the cultivation of (among other things) strawberries. But of course also for other soft fruits. The cultivation gutters are installed at picking height but are adjustable at the desired height and distance from the other cultivation gutters.

Tomaat teeltgoot2

Tomatoes in a Cultivation Gutter

Looking for the perfect growing gutters for tomatoes or other vegetables? Metazet FormFlex supplies cultivation gutters worldwide that suit your crop. Because of the water circulation system, water and fertilizers are saved. This also means that the excess water will not stick to the tomato. This ensures the optimal conditions for your vegetables.