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Metazet FormFlex; from modest specialist to authority in horticulture spanning 5 continents

Meeting the global demand for food calls for smart solutions and advanced technologies. After all, raw materials are scarce and the demand for food is still increasing worldwide. Since its foundation in 1978, we at Metazet FormFlex (then still operating only under the name Metazet) have been actively involved in this on a daily basis. We constantly set out to come up with the best applications and develop the associated systems and materials for growers, installers and greenhouse builders. Always with new challenges to make the greenhouse setup and internal logistics a success story.

It all started from a modest office of 360 m2 and with 6 employees and has since grown into a company location of 17,200 m2 and 75 employees today at the head office in Wateringen (the Netherlands) alone. This huge amount of space is needed because we do everything from design, production and maintenance ourselves. In the meantime, we've expanded into several offices around the world, from where we serve our clients worldwide. Thanks to the knowledge gained over more than 40 years, the intensive cooperation with our customers and the successes achieved on 5 continents, Metazet FormFlex has become a true authority in the horticultural sector.

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Our growth as a total partner towards the position of market leader in horticulture has been achieved by focusing on three spearheads:

1. Cooperation

The cooperation with our customers has always been very important to our development process and it still is today. We at Metazet FormFlex regard cooperation as:

  • Listening to the customer
  • Consulting with the customer
  • Designing with the customer
  • Installing at the customer's site
  • Learning from the customer

It is precisely through this intensive cooperation that a great deal of knowledge is exchanged, and by combining these forces we become even better and smarter through and with one another. That's why you’ll often hear our slogan: Growing together!

2. Learning

Learning is a continuous process which is also necessary in the horticultural sector in order to retain our leading position in the market. Despite more than 40 years of experience, we still have a great deal to learn! The cooperation described above is a vital aspect of this. We learn about the needs of the sector and develop new concepts together with the customer.

An important advantage of this is that we have all the expertise in-house and can therefore quickly switch from design to development and finally to improvement. We have our own design studio and production department. This allows us to maintain full control of the process, and the customer benefits from the fast turnarounds that we can offer.

3. Result-oriented thinking and acting

Our clients are result-oriented and at Metazet FormFlex we think and act in the same way. That makes for a perfect match! This 'Westland' approach is simply in our DNA, and it ensures that we're always on the same page as our customer. This way of working results in:

  • A sustainable and environmentally aware approach
  • A tighter grip on growing conditions
  • Ergonomic and safe working conditions
  • Less spreading of pests and diseases
  • Better and faster ways of harvesting
  • Optimum yields

In short, we innovate together with the customer and deliver exactly what is needed in the horticultural sector!

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