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Innovative total solutions for the horticultural sector with worldwide delivery & service

As a global total partner in horticulture, Metazet FormFlex contributes ideas to innovative solutions with products and systems for the cultivation process and internal logistics. This is how we have successfully completed many international horticultural projects. From the custom production of cultivation systems on location to logistics concepts and realisations for more convenience and more efficient internal transport.

Working together with installation firms and growers themselves we take up the challenge of continuously improving crop productivity and the efficiency of the processes! It is precisely because of this strong cooperation that we have got where we are in the horticultural sector. By sharing information, learning and improving concepts. Growing together, innovating together and celebrating success together!

Gutter system

Metazet FormFlex supplies a complete range of gutters for every crop. In close consultation we can supply the right gutter for your growing conditions.

Tube rail system

For stability and safety, Metazet supplies FormFlex tube rail supports in combination with long layers for a perfectly aligned tube rail system.

Crop support

To support and protect the crop, Metazet FormFlex offers a full range of crop support materials.

Hanging Basket System

Metazet FormFlex has developed the Hanging Basket System especially for hanging plants. Ideal as a second cultivation layer above your crop.

Hoisting systems

Metazet FormFlex supplies hoisting systems for traditional growing tubes, but also for the lifting of lamps, tube rail systems, gutters and crop wires.

Wire products

Metazet FormFlex supplies a complete and extensive range of wire products for various applications.

Spraying machines

Metazet FormFlex, together with the specialist company Micothon, has developed an extensive range of spraying machines.

Cultivation tables

Metazet FormFlex, in cooperation with VK-Pro, supplies various cultivation tables for an efficient layout of your nursery.

Effective solutions for internal logistics

Logistical products and transport systems that can be used to increase efficiency. From manual to automated and from floor transport to hanging systems. Fully adapted to the desired work situation. Worked out from concept to realisation in order to achieve faster results and save costs.

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Paprika kettingbaan


Systems, products and materials, fully focused on the needs of vegetable nurseries to ensure high quality and productivity of vegetable production.

Flowers and plants

Appropriate care and optimal attention for the cultivation of cut flowers and potted plants. Everything the grower needs to achieve this, without loss of productivity.

Soft fruit

We offer total solutions with systems and products that take into account the vulnerability and labour intensity of this type of cultivation.

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