Spraying machines

Metazet FormFlex has, together with the specialized company Micothon, developed a large program of greenhouse sprayers. A good spray result is determined by many technical and pest related factors. During many years we gathered a lot of practical experience that you can benefit from. We kindly invite you to pose all questions regarding spray technology to us. Your questions will be discussed with our specialists. They interview you and discuss with you about your specific possibilities and wishes. We provide a total solution with a trouble-free integration in your company. Our experience is a guarantee for your customised solution to assure your company’s specific needs are met.


Spray less and better

In modern IPM all components have to be perfect to be able to meet the required target. Each crop and every greenhouse company have their own specific demands regarding spray technology to make sure the very best result is achieved.

Spuitmachine 2
Spuitmachine 1

Micothon Spuittechniek

Micothon maakt gebruik van gepatenteerde, luchtondersteunde spuittechniek en biedt u 79% beter spuitresultaat ten opzichte van een standaard spuitmachine!



Spuiten met onvoldoende resultaat geeft onnodige kosten aan gewasbeschermingsmiddellen en daarnaast minder opbrengst door groeischade, dus dubbele kosten. U kunt daarom veel geld verdienen met een goede spuitmachine. De terugverdientijd is in sommige situaties zelfs slechts 1 tot 2 jaar.

Do you have any questions about spraying machines? The specialists of Metazet FormFlex are at your service!

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